We are down-to-earth digital marketing agency based in Helsinki, Finland. We specialize in helping clients improve their visibility on the web with our cost-efficient SEO, PPC-campaigns and other digital services.

We are familiar with the inner workings search engines like Google and sales platforms such as Google Ads. We also follow the latest news and developments in the field, because we want to offer up-to-date services that produce tangible results. We are not a traditional marketing agency, but a small team of experts specializing in search engine marketing.

The fact is, that online visibility grows more important each year for all kinds of businesses.

We want to help others to keep up with the changing digital landscape and improve their own marketing results.

Our digital marketing services

We bring businesses and the clients searching their services and products together on the web.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

We have helped clients from many fields improve their organic search engine visibility with relevant keywords. We can help your site rise in the rankings and reach even more customers.

Google Ads (PPC campaigns)

We have maintained many Ads-campaigns for local and other markets. We can create an advertising campaign for your business, with budget appropriate pricing and real results.


We build technically sound, brand appropriate and customer converting websites of all kinds; multi-page websites, blogs, landing pages and more, content included if needed.

Other services

We can also offer various other services relating to SEO and digital marketing: link-building, copywriting, optimized content creation, social media advertising, consulting and more.

Our mission

We help our clients get better results and more sales on the web, especially through search engines like Google. We strive to connect the client with their customer, as cost-efficiently as possible without sacrificing quality.

We do not believe in “good enough” – there’s always something that can be improved or a venue of lead generation, that has not yet been utilized. Simply put, we want to present your product or services to the people that want or need them the most.

Our focus

We serve companies of all sizes and fields, from small local businesses to large, global enterprises. Naturally we specialize in Finnish online visibility, but we can also help you with foreign markets, like non-Finnish Google Ads-campaigns.

All clients are unique and so is each project. We will analyze your situation and needs and help to determine the best course of action for digital growth without massive investments.

Our approach

We approach our projects with a professional, yet down-to-earth attitude. We will provide you with a clear and transparent plan of what we want to do and why. We will regularly report every action taken and goal achieved, without unnecessary jargon or embellishment.

You won’t have to guess or wonder what you are paying for, since we will be clear about what we are doing and what kind of results our combined efforts have produced.

Would you like to know more?

Regardless of the possible scope of the project, a starting point needs to be established. If you’d like to know exactly what your situation is and how we can be of assistance, contact us and we’ll get back to you.

Tony Pesonen
+358 40 522 1297